Announcing: Guest Artist Peter Crnokrak
15 Nov 2015

Announcing: Guest Artist Peter Crnokrak

Award-winning artist, Peter Crnokrak will be exhibiting at this year’s

15 Nov 2015

Award-winning artist, Peter Crnokrak will be exhibiting at this year’s Artrooms show.

Peter Crnokrak is a London based computational artist whose work addresses the ever changing reference point of reality and experience, with a particular focus on the extremes of societal behaviour as a means by which to characterise the human condition. His practice is an experimental platform that utilises design language to communicate meaning in complex systems with work integrating research, analysis and experimental technologies.

Peter has been featured in over 1­00 books and magazines and has won a number of international design competitions including The Webbys, AIGA 365, ISTD and the European Design Awards, and has exhibited internationally including Tokyo (333­ Arts Gallery), Linz (Ars Electronica), New Orleans (SIGGRAPH) and New York (AIGA Gallery). Peter was feature profiled in the May 20­­ issue of Grafik magazine and in the 20­3 Charlotte and Peter Fiell book, New Graphic Design: The ­00 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers


In 201­0, Peter was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of award winning expertise in design anddata visualisation. Everyone Ever in the World was awarded in the 20­0 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, won a Premier award from the International Society of Typographic Designers and was published in the prestigious journal Science.


What Need Angel

“What Need Angel is a synesthetic transcription of the brainwave response of a five year old boy while listening to music. The computational video uses dynamic particle animation segments that are reflection of the music listening experience. Particle behaviours such as size, speed, colour and direction of movement are all determined by the user’s passive brainwave responses to music stimuli. The project aims to develop a systematic methodology that allows for primal biological experiences to be visualised to facilitate the understanding of the emotional responses to stimuli.”


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