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The Art Project section will investigate the theme of Perception

The Art Project section will investigate the theme of Perception presenting a with a bespoke installation “Infinite Perspective” by Will Teather, “The Holographic Theatre” of the Venezuelan pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 installation of Tangram Studio and MDH Hologram and the in house installation “An Open Letter to the Art Collector” designed by ARTROOMS founder Cristina Cellini Antonini.

“A Holographic Theater EyeMagic”
presented by
MDHhologram U.K. & Studio Tangram Italy

MDH hologram Studio Tangram Expo Milano 2015 Venezuela

MDH hologram
Studio Tangram
Expo Milano 2015

During Expo Milano 2015, the Venezuela pavilion used Studio Tangram/MDHhologram to enclose its visitors in the singing, dancing and nature of this beautiful South American country! Sounds, movements, and colours. The energy of the dancers, perfectly punctuated by holographic and lighting effects, quickly captured the viewers’ imagination. Throughout the show, the audience could truly interact with the hologram: diving in the clear water of Los Roques archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, breathing the air of Caracas while travelling by cable car, and dancing with dolphins – getting the real Venezuelan experience.

To create the hologram for the Venezuelan pavilion we used a 6m x 4m EyeLiner™, with background images. Contents and equipment were conceived for the viewer to interact with the hologram.

At the opening ceremony, the groundbreaking holographic showcase was welcomed with rounds of applause and cheers. Thanks to Studio Tangram, at the end of the event, the Venezuela stand won the Silver Awards for content and design, for the great representation of cultural contents. Now Studio Tangram achievements are certainly well-known also in South America.

Production: Studio Tangram / MDH Hologram
Storyboard: Studio Tangram / MDH Hologram
3D Animation: Studio Tangram / MDH Hologram
EyeLiner™ System Installation: Studio Tangram



Infinite Perspective by Will Teather

Will Teather in the studio by Martin Marsh

Will Teather in the studio by Martin Marsh


British artist Will Teather is well known for creating images that reveal a unique imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills. He is the Visual Artist-In-Residence for Norwich Arts Centre. Having trained at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art & Design, his paintings have featured in over 100 gallery exhibitions and publications alongside artists such as Dali, Picasso and Banksy, breaking previous sales records for events such as The Other Art Fair, London.  He has received numerous grants, scholarships and awards, besides been a finalist in international art prizes such as the Celeste Prize and Cork Street Open Exhibition. He has been Artist-in-Residence for venues including the Arts Student League of New York, Aberdeen Arts Centre and the Anteros Arts Foundation. His work is held in public and private collections, including the City of Aberdeen, Aude Gotto Collection & Modern Artists Gallery. He is currently an Associate Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts.



Open Letter to the Art Collector

(first experiment)

Curated by Cristina Cellini Antonini

Dear Collector,
I really can’t say…

Why am I an artist?
Is it my nature?


Which colors make you smile today?

Who are you, collector?
The artist … does he collect ideas?
I really can’t say…

Each with their own perspective or perception of what it should be
Why you want “me”?

Together, is it so?

Gratefully yours,
The Artist

These are excerpts from “An Open Letter to the Art Collector”, first results of a series of experiments/installations/essays/works investigating the complexity of the relationship between the artist and the collector. From these first letters we have collected so far, it stands out how hesitations and blank canvas minded moments arise in the mind of the artist when confronted to the figure of the Art Collector. The installation is placed at the entrance of the fair because it intends to open the dialogue; to remind us that Art is not a monologue. It invites us to interact, to connect with the artist and the artwork. Seeking to uncover for the collector the secrets of the the person behind the work and introducing to the artist who will have to honor to become the guardian.This unveiling is perchance that very thing, that holds the art world Together. We still don’t know…. We invite you all to write us a letter and join us in the quest.

To take part of the “An Open Letter to the Art Collector” experiment Email to will be investigated for ARTROOMS 2018.

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