Fru Tholstrup </br> _Director S¦2 Gallery Sotheby’s
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Fru Tholstrup
_Director S¦2 Gallery Sotheby’s

A consummate mover and shaker at the forefront of the


A consummate mover and shaker at the forefront of the international contemporary art scene, Fru Tholstrup is best known for her role as Director of Sotheby’s flagship London Art Gallery, S2. Since her appointment in 2013, she has guided the gallery to commercial and critical success with an ambitious and diverse programme, including solo exhibitions by artists of international stature such as Joseph Beuys, Duane Hanson and Banksy. Former curator at Haunch of Venison and at the Soho House Art Collection for Nick Jones, Tholstrup has put to considerable good effect through numerous high-profile fund-raising projects. In 2010 this included curating and fundraising for Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s Annual White Tie & Tiara Event and an ongoing relationship with Kevin Spacey’s Old Vic, for which she has raised in excess of £1.5m over the last 8 years. Her prodigious client network lead Tholstrup towards one of her crowning philanthropic achievements as the Joint Founder of Tate Young Patrons Group in 2008, whilst her position as one of the leading lights of the Tate patron’s Circle was confirmed by her election as a Tate Advocate Ambassador in 2013.

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