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Gioele Camarlinghi
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Gioele Camarlinghi is the Area Director of UK for Meliá


Gioele Camarlinghi is the Area Director of UK for Meliá Hotels International, a company operating more than 340 hotels in 40 countries. He has under his belt more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and is described by many as a born organiser, leader and a master motivator. Gioele is Italian born and bred; he grew up and lived in Florence until he completed his education.

Gioele worked for renowned hotel brands where he developed his skills and became the successful hotelier that he is today. He also sits on the board of the British Hospitality Association and The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, due to the nature of his work has a close relationship with many international organisations such as the Italian Chamber of Commerce, European Hotel Management association, several embassies and sports organisations such as international football clubs. His passion for the arts alongside his commitment to the community and his team is what has made him a name in the industry and in the London scene.

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