Louisa Grasso Omar <b/r> _Art Advisor
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Louisa Grasso Omar _Art Advisor

Louisa Grasso Omar’s career spans over 30 years working in


Louisa Grasso Omar’s career spans over 30 years working in the music industry as well as with creative artists, corporations and international institutions at the  highest level. Louisa’s passion for Italy and the Arts has led her to work with some of it’s leading museums and collections.  Her past experience in this field includes collaborating with the  Victoria & Albert Museum, Getty Images and the Vatican Museum. Louisa was the co-founder and owner of The Virtual Gallery, from, 2002-2007 a successful exhibition space in the heart of central London representing Getty Images, contemporary art installations, as well as leading exhibitions for music, fashion and film photography. She has also advised the Children’s Museum in Rome and The Museum Of San Gennaro, Naples, which houses one of the most important collection of Sacred Art and Jewels in Europe. In 2014, she represented and managed key private archives and exhibitions including ‘Mona Lisa the Myths’, in collaboration with the Uffizzi Gallery and the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci. The Cultural Broker produced and promoted Gestures: Body Art Stories- Marina Abramovic & The Others in Taiwan. Her personal contacts in the Middle East and Asia make her particularly well placed to promote projects in those regions.

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